The job of leadership


The Job of Leadership

Your company needs to be somewhere other than where it is right now. It needs to develop. And it needs to generate significant, sustainable wealth.

Management is about planning, organising, directing, controlling and monitoring the myriad aspects of a company in order to get things done and to reach a clear, defined set of objectives.

But the job of leadership is something else. It is to take an organisation from where it is to where it needs to be, mobilising it so that it moves to point B as effectively as possible.

The job of leadership It is to fulfil you and your organisation’s Sense of Purpose.

Leadership is about you.

Job of leadership

It is rooted in who you are, rather than in what you know. Your knowledge and skill are vital, but your integrity, sense of self-worth, resilience and other personal qualities count for more.

For your company to develop, you must develop.

  •    You must go deep into who you truly are
  •    You must discover your motivations – in all their complexity
  •    You must come to terms with who you are
  •    You must make choices about the person you would like to become.
    (And, equally important, who you would not like to become.)

YSA creates the time and space for leadership to perform its role.

We see no value in the superficial, the glossy, or the easy-to-swallow. These are less than useless to the challenges you face. By developing your personal awareness, you will be able to make the tough, complex, not-always-ideal choices that affect the future of your organisation.

Come with us on a voyage of self-exploration.
To be a leader, you must have an unusual and paradoxical combination to combine:

  •    Self-esteem and self-doubt
  •    Awareness of self and of others
  •    The ability to belong and to be detached