Purpose and resolve


Purpose and resolve

Know your Resolve.

Every undertaking, whether building a company or a nation, starts with key people putting a stake in the ground.

Your Resolve is all-important. Your beliefs, your passion and your optimism about yourselves and the world you are taking on.

As soon as you start on your journey, you leave behind the theoretical and the wishful and find yourselves, very quickly, in a grounded real world.

Reality soon gives you a chance to assess what’s working out and what’s not going according to plan.

The disappointments, the failures and the embarrassments.

Embrace what reality is telling you. This is your chance to deal with the real world, not your idea of how the world should be.

In other words, react. Reassess:

  • Yourselves
  • Your goals
  • Your understanding of how things work
  • How you will move forward

This will take you back to a new beginning. A wiser, stronger, more realistic team, with an important quality: Reinforced Resolve.

What drives this process


Purpose resolve diagram