Front line leadership


Front line leadership

How do you extract value and ensure accountability at all levels of an organisation?
How do you empower people to take responsibility and have positive impact on business?
How do you develop a culture of growth and learning?
How do you mobilise people who don’t seem to care? 

Front Line Leadership Development

Leadership development has historically been reserved for senior leaders. It is clear to us however, that a huge amount of value sits in the expertise and understanding of middle managers and front-line managers who are in direct contact with what’s actually happening in businesses.

It has also occurred to us that the work historically done in this area tends to be dull, by rote, and lacking in sustainable effectiveness.

YSA has had remarkable success with leadership development in lower management, which is a fast-growing part of our portfolio. We develop bespoke and personalized interventions that are also scalable and economically viable.

We have customised that which we’ve fine-tuned for top-level leadership and created something meaningful and impactful for lower-level leaders.

We take our clients, on this level very seriously, reaching the same depths and degrees of engagement that we apply to any executive intervention.

We do not do management training, rather we facilitate — and in so doing, assist managers in the delicate calibration of fitting-in with business demands, and one’s personal needs, values and preferences, often at odds with each other and often needing to be addressed head-on but with care and sensitivity.

Front-line and middle managers are naturally at the helm of any organisation. They see through a unique lens, steeped in real understanding of what happens in their areas – when given a platform, a voice and the confidence to use it, the input of these leaders has proven to be invaluable.

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