Today’s BBBEE initiatives become the source of tomorrow’s competitive advantage.
To many companies, Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) is simply a compliance initiative. One that brings with it complexity, cost and compromise.

As a management consultancy, we have a different view. Rather than some laundry list to be ticked off, BBBEE is an opportunity for an organisation to develop its strategic objectives and deepen its founding values.

Certainly, addressing the challenges of BBBEE – and embracing them – has enabled YSA to become more competitive in the field of leadership development.

We are passionate about South Africa and its development. That’s our starting point. The challenge of BBBEE helps us make this commitment real.

It manifests in a number of ways.

Firstly, it enhances who we are as a company. We are adamant that we stick to our founding values – and that means delivering a premium quality service to our list of blue-chip clients. Consequently, our BBBEE focus internally has been on development of our staff and the education of its families.

Secondly, it benefits our clients. Helping them deliver on their own BBBEE commitments has become a major part of our corporate social investment. We deliver the service pro bono – for the simple reason that the work we do – and the value we bring – has a cascading effect, touching the lives of many people beyond the finite space of the workshops we conduct.

Thirdly, it helps our suppliers. Often it is a simple matter of deepening their understanding of what otherwise seems an irksome duty. We meet with them, educating them about the importance of the BBBEE codes. They, too, become proactive.

Three years ago, YSA had an E rating. Today we have shifted to an AA, Level 3 rating.

We will continue to enhance our rating – and with a sense of urgency. As South Africa moves steadily towards a post-BEE era, today’s initiatives become the source of tomorrow’s competitive advantage.