Conflict resolution facilitated dialogue


Conflict Resolution / Facilitated Dialogue

How can people work together when disagreement and head-butting characterise the relationship?
What can we do with conflict in order to redefine unproductive engagements in the workplace?

Front Line Leadership Development

YSA recognises conflict as a natural part of relationships and hence, an inevitable and healthy dynamic in business. But, people are not always able to work through their disagreements alone (at least not until they learn how).

We engage conflicting parties in a process of facilitated dialogue. People are given the opportunity to address issues and have direct and difficult conversations — with YSA’s support. Through the process, people get to grips with reality as is it for the other and in the space between.

In many cases, assumptions are tested and clarified, resulting in the start of new relationships. At the very least, individuals develop understanding of the other and the tools needed for more effective communication in the future.

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