Leadership alignment


Leadership alignment

How do you get a diverse group of executives to work together?
How do you prevent silo behaviour?
How do you create a culture of collaboration within a world of competition?

What we have noticed
Natural work teams are often misaligned and unable to communicate effectively. This can cause poor productivity, resentment and discontent.

Team Alignment & Coaching
Through facilitation and coaching we help team members confront their colleagues and their challenges directly. They learn to listen to each and to express their needs clearly and respectfully.

We facilitate a deep learning process, where we coach teams to:

  • Communication clearly
  • Take accountability
  • Work collaboratively

Team Leadership 
We believe that personal mastery and leadership is relevant to all of us, no matter what position or title. Through working with this understanding, we enable the best of each person to be brought into the room,  strengthening the resolve and integrity of the team as a whole.

Do you need
leadership alignment?

Typically, there are four scenarios when companies benefit from leadership development.
  1. You’ve merged. You’ve agreed the strategy. But it’s still a question of Us and Them.
  2. Your newly-appointed CEO is not getting along with the rest of the team.  (Or vice versa, of course.)
  3. You have one or two dysfunctional members on your team.
  4. Your strategy keeps coming back for discussion. And you cannot pin-point why.  These are crisis points in any organisation’s life. But they also contain the seeds of your organisation’s future. They are opportunities to develop and grow. To end up stronger, more aware, more responsible, more resolved, more agile and more excited than before.