”When YSA wants to form a relationship, they will bend over backwards.”

“They really listen and they really take their jobs at your company seriously.”

“Someone I had worked with for a long time introduced me to Jonathan. I said to him the other day – that was one of the best things you’ve done.”

“For many people who leave RMB and look back at their careers (talked specifically about company farewells) – for may any of them the YSA programme has been a highlight in their careers.”

“YSA is quite a phenomenal business. Jonathan and Brad really complement one another. Other consultants come in with their fancy PowerPoint presentations and when they leave you are disappointed. Jonathan is not like that – he can take a flipchart and come up with real insight.”

“I found them a lot more deliberate in their approach to different responsibilities. Also noted a lot more self awareness and willingness to deliver for the greater good. All in all, there has been a real notable shift and growth.”

“I have known the employees for a while and knew where their developmental areas are. I was very pleased to notice in the closing session that the program took them through a process of identifying these areas and they made a commitment to work on them.

It is always better when people are able to have the awareness themselves of the developmental areas for them to stick to there commitment to grow in these areas.”

“The feedback has been positive. Firstly the emotional intelligence assessment that allowed employees to better understand how they react in different situations was described as very intense and insightful eg they spoke about ‘personal triggers’ that forced them to react in a default mode.

Then the tools they were equipped with to aid in managing different situations as they arose, including courageous conversations with their colleagues and leaders have also been very impactful. Overall we have seen a big improvement in the attitudes and aptitudes of all those who went through the programme.”

“It was a positive experience and it looks that there has been a positive mindset shift. “

“Fantastic experience, in particular the leadership insights gained through group work, one-on-one sessions, refelections, and the LifePI analysis. Certainly commendable to other members of the management teams. “

“My experience is of personal growth and a widened perspective. The program has brought a greater awareness of self and the patterns I operate and interact with the world under.

Secondly, YSA has introduced to me a vocabulary I now refer to when trying to understand incidents and people. “

“I found the program to be profound and extremely useful to me, from a personal development stand point, personal & business relationships and well as assist me in re-igniting my drive and purpose. “

“The program has had a profound impact on my life, both internally as well as in my circumstances. I have grown as a person and see a noteable difference in the way I engage with people both at work and at home. I feel that I have more self awareness and am more aware of the impact I have on others.

“This programme has been such a gift in terms of providing practical tools for leadership and people management.
It has given me fantastic insight into my triggers and I believe better enabled me to respond better to challenges in the work environment. The transition from Acting to Head has been a demanding and stressful journey however I firmly believe that this training and the journey with the team has been one of the biggest contributors to my success. I now appreciate the triangle of tensions and am equipped to manage and respond to my emerging reality.

Although I still struggle with listening I have improved my bare listening skills and am more emotionally aware. I have also learnt when to SLOW down, as the stress and being overwhelmed are my biggest triggers. Thank you for this incredible experience.

“It was an excellent experience, extremely insightful. I appreciated the new concepts and toolkit we learnt. 

“It was an extraordinary journey in exploring, discovering and understanding one self much better. Also, the value add is applicable not only to the office, but daily life skills as well. Although LIFE PI characteristics are part of who we are, we are now much more aware of them, as well as being able to manage them better, or use them as an added advantage. I’ve learnt to open up more about certain things (which is opposite to my character), as well as trust other more with due diligence to make the burden less for myself in the workspace.  

“Communicating more, participative and more engaged. He is collaborative and appreciates other peoples efforts.