Executive coaching


Executive coaching

How do you develop leaders to have impact and effect organisational change?

How to deepen the process

For further depth and understanding of why we do the things we do, YSA has developed a biographical questionnaire and personal development tool called LifePi. LifePi serves as a powerful addition to the coaching process, opening clients up to an awareness of their subconscious motivations and behaviour patterns, while deeply enriching the coaching process and its lasting impact.

Executive coaching can also be applied as a complimentary addition to team leadership programmes.

What we do as coaches

YSA’s Executive Coaching develops leaders to think through dilemmas and to work with complexity. We challenge and support the individual to intentionally and deliberately choose their approach to dilemmas and to learn from their experiences.

Our work is business focused but it demands a great personal effort. We ask clients to extend themselves beyond what feels comfortable as they grow and learn.

Do you need executive coaching?